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Sheila Capetta has an expansive background as a photographer in many realms and is passionate about capturing unique moments with her signature style. She began her venture into photography when she was a young child playing with her mother's Nikon film camera while wandering through the woods of Connecticut. Since then she has been chasing her passion and dream wherever the opportunity arises.


As a young adult, Sheila sought new adventures that brought her to the mountains of North Carolina. After spending just shy of a decade there falling in love with the endless beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and rekindling her passion for photography and storytelling, she headed north where she completed her education at the New England School of Photography in Boston, Ma. 


After spending years capturing weddings, portraits, and interiors, Sheila has expanded her skills into the commercial world. She spent the last several years working with one of the industries leading e-commerce studios and continues honing her skills in studio photography with an obsession for the fundamentals that make a great photograph: lighting, balance, composition, and use of space. Sheila captures poignant and profound images with a creative twist while maintaining a clean and proficient workflow.


Her many opportunities for work and travel have had a profound effect on her love of exploration and photography. Taking two of her most prized passions and allowing them to work together has led to unimaginable adventures and experiences. 


Sheila has also had the opportunity to write alongside her photography as well as produce many successful events along the way. Producing days-long gatherings, photographing hundreds of people a day, commercial photo shoots, and more intimate events. With great attention to detail, exceptional client relations, and meticulous knowledge of what is needed to make a session or event go off without a hitch, Sheila will be an asset to any of your upcoming projects.

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